Dechoker Sucks Out Food Stuck in Airway


The Heimlich maneuver has helped save countless lives, but it’s not foolproof when responding to a choking person. Overweight people can be particular hard to work with, and the first responder can be too weak to perform the move. Now there’s the Dechoker, a device that applies negative pressure to the mouth to suck out whatever is blocking the airway. You simply place the face mask over the mouth of the chocking person and pull forcefully on the tab in the back. The vacuum that’s created motivates the lodged item to move toward the device. It can be used by small people on large ones or even by struggling persons on themselves.

The idea was apparently that of Alan Carver, a ship captain who, while attending a medical training course to gain a 200-Ton Captain’s License, thought there should be a better approach. The Dechocker¬†is now FDA listed as a Class 1 medical device and available for anyone to purchase for $150. There’s also a Toddler version of the device for the same price.

Check out this video to see how the Dechoker works:

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