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Hello Kaiser Oakland!

I told you that I’d publish a list of all my references, so here we go:


I made my talk using Keynote. I controlled it using Apple’s Keynote Remote on my iPad.


I develop MDCalc and theNNT.


Uhm, you’re looking at my Tumblr blog right now.


A nice big list of Internet memes, from Wikipedia. Quickmeme is how I captioned my own memes for the talk. One does not simply walk into Mordor.

Examples of The Old and the New

Caroline Hampton Halsted: the first to use rubber gloves in the operating room was a fascinating read, and provided me with the Aseptic technique history I used, and who knew — the BMJ reprinted Lister’s seminal work, Antiseptic Principle in the Practice of Surgery.

Here’s Scott Weingart’s post on DSI and his article (that took over a year to get published in print!) from JEM, Preoxygenation, Reoxygenation, and Delayed Sequence Intubation in the Emergency Department (PubMed).

Best Use for a Bougie started from our Twitter conversation and then also became Michelle Lin’s Trick of the Trade.

Joel Topf - Kidney Boy - recount the story of D5W.

Seth Trueger (@mdaware), Scott Weingart (@emcrit), Chris Nickson (@precordialthump), high-quality medical education, emergency medicine (@HQMedEd), Michelle Lin (@M_Lin) and Ryan Radecki (@emlitofnote) all contributed to the Twitter conversation.

History of Medicine

The Becker Exhibits at Wash U provided me with images and information on the history of medical literature and journals. Stephen Abrahamson wrote a great article on CME: Research in Continuing Medical Education. An Historical Review.

Peer Review Concerns

There are a number of papers discussing and criticizing peer review; they include the papers I referenced in my talk: Quantitative analysis of sponsorship bias in economic studies of antidepressants and Classical peer review: an empty gun.

Cost of Journals

Harvard can’t afford journals

The Origins of FOAMed

FOAM Started Site FOAMed Search on Twitter

The Blogs

The Podcasts

The Apps (iTunes Store Links)

Video Resources

Social Media Guidelines

I used this great post from the Mayo Clinic’s Social Media blog. * Kaiser Social Media Guidelines/Policy

Other Tools I Didn’t Get To

In Your Daily Practice

Final Thoughts