You want more SALAD? You cant handle the SALAD!

Yes thats Dr DuCanto (Elvis) , inventor of the SALAD simulator, with Rob Simpson

Yes thats Dr DuCanto (Elvis) , inventor of the SALAD simulator, with Rob Simpson

The following are FOAMEd video resources made by Dr Jim DuCanto, Dr Mike Steurwald and Dr Matt Andersen, demonstrating a novel vomiting simulator to practice advanced techniques on managing the soiled airway in an emergency.
The so called SALAD simulator made its international debut at the SMACC Airway workshop in Chicago this year.

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Discussion and Demonstration EsoETT Diversion
Suction Catheter Bougie Delivery Matt Anderson
Dynamic SALAD Matt Anderson

PHARM Podcast 123 : Emergency Airyways with Dr Andy Brainard

Dr Andrew Brainard

Dr Andrew Brainard

Hi Folks

On today’s show, I talk to Dr Andrew Brainard, emergency physician in New Zealand and author of the amazing Sharpend blogsite.

Show notes:

  1. Australia and New Zealand Emergency Department Airway Registry:
  2. Our New Zealand offshoot of an ED airway registry:
  3. The Airway Intervention Readiness Survey for Australia and New Zealand:
  4. Our Levitan Course on January 21st-22nd 2016
  5. MMH-ED 07 Airway Simple Surgical Cricothyrotomy Kit (Andy’s ED Surgical Airway kit)

Now, onto the PODCAST!


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