ASE President supports Point of Care Ultrasound

There is no denying that if I were to suffer a sudden hemodynamic collapse and would wind up in an emergency department, I would want it to be one in which the emergency physicians were fully trained in POCUS (point of care ultrasound) and knew how to apply it to patient care.

– Susan Weigers, MD, FASE, FACEP

ASE President on POCUS












Thanks to Mike Zwank, MD, RDMS, FACEP at Regions for forwarding this.

ACEP Resolution 27

Resolution 27    

Reimbursement for Ultrasound Performed by Emergency Physicians (as amended)

RESOLVED, That ACEP develop a statement declaring that insurance companies and other payers reimburse emergency physicians for ultrasound studies and services that they perform and interpret as separate and identifiable procedures while providing patient care services in the Emergency Department; and be it further

RESOLVED, That ACEP support efforts to reduce payment denials for appropriately performed and documented clinical ultrasonography.

2015 Peds Ultrasound CME course

Over forty participants joined Sinai faculty Jim Tsung, Ee Tay, Bret Nelson, Joshua Guttman, Jacob Goertz, Turan Saul, Jenny Sanders, Kimberly Kahne, Michelle Vazquez, Joe Sorravit, and Rupi Mudan. Course Directors Ee Tay and Joshua Guttman organized great didactic content and lost of hands-on training (HOT) with pediatric models.

Participants from many pediatric and acute care specialties attended. They left with greater scanning skills, reduced reliance on CT scans, a multi-tool, and one lucky winner received Kaushal Shah’s new junior medical detective book, My Tummy Hurts

Our next hands-on ultrasound course will be in Ponte Vedra, Florida on June 17 at the Clinical Decision Making conference.

PedsUSFlyer 2015-peds-CME-Josh-Ee-Swag 2015-peds-CME-Ee-Intro 2015-peds-CME-Bret-Physics 2015-peds-CME-Bret-HOT 2015-peds-CME-Turan-HOT 2015-peds-CME-Tsung-HOT 2015-peds-CME-Tsung2-HOT 2015-peds-CME-Kim-HOT 2015-peds-CME-Joe-HOT 2015-peds-CME-Jim-Thorax 2015-peds-CME-Jenny-MSK 2015-peds-CME-Jenny-HOT 2015-peds-CME-Guttman-Procedures 2015-peds-CME-Guttman-HOT 2015-peds-CME-Ee-HOT