Stellate ganglion block for ventricular storm – save a life with this nerve block.

So you think ultrasound can save a life? You don’t know the half of it. Well, maybe YOU do. But WE sure didn’t know about this NERVE BLOCK, that in one study, improved mortality by like 6 bigillion percent. Insane you say? Impossible? Maybe, you’ll have to watch this to find out.
Also, some breaking news!  CastleFest 2019 has launched!

The EFAST. Lets put the “fun” back into ultrasound fundamentals

The EFAST seems so #basic.  It definitely is, but it’s a fundamental examination we have to make sure we’re doing correctly.  Whenever we revisit this exam we learn new things and remember things we may have forgotten.  This EFAST lecture Jacob gave was recorded live at CastleFest this past year.  Check it out!

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More REACTS! – Ultrasound the knee!

Really? Ultrasound of the knee? Is that even a thing? YES! In fact, it is a thing. And it is a thing that you can learn how to do from 2,000 miles away. On this episode we revisit Jacob’s strange dormitory of MSK demonstration in Kentucky while simultaneously extracting the brain juice out of Mark Goodman live in Bend, Oregon. All while using the remote educational software, REACTS on the Philips Lumify.
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