Collaborate on Slack Thanks to LITFL & CICM for cases and blood results This week we will review some electrolyte and biochemical data from past CICM fellowship exams. If it looks like a lot to get through bear in mind that you will often be give 3 or 4 data interpretation questions as part of […]

Corticosteroids in ICU

Adrenal Insufficency A 50-year-old Scottish male tourist presents with a three-day history of nausea, vomiting, general lethargy and dizziness. HR 106 BP 90/55 Sats 99% on RA Temp 37.8 The results of his investigations are as follows: 1) Describe and interpret these results. 2) Outline the causes, consequences and management of adrenal insufficiency in the […]


Collaborate on Slack A 54-year-old previously healthy male was admitted to the ICU after  45% total body surface area burns. He was pulled out of his garden shed by the fire brigade. There is no coherent history available  from the patient and you observe that he is drowsy and confused, an has a  persistent cough.  […]

Trauma Talk

Collaborate on Slack Chest It’s a busy Friday night and you respond to a major trauma call in ED. A 22 year old male is been brought in by ambulance with 3 stab wounds to the chest. He arrives awake and talking but as the paramedics are handing over he becomes unresponsive and pulseless. Describe […]

Endocrine Emergencies

Collaborate on Slack This BMJ review article gives a nice overview of endocrine emergencies. DKA & HHS You are asked to review a 27 year old female, a known diabetic, admitted following a 48 hour illness characterised by nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath.  She has been unable to eat or drink and has not […]