What to do when you break your arm?

We are two lovely (according to our supervisor) EM-residents from Medical Centre Haaglanden, The Hague and Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, working at the Sint Franciscus Hospital, Rotterdam for a month to increase our ultrasound skills. We expected to perform e-FAST and cardiac ultrasound a lot, but instead our supervisor sent us several times to all those […]


As promised but a bit later: some tips about how to prepare for the AMC multiple choice exam. Other / practical information about the exam you can find on the website http://www.amc.org.au. The reason I want to share this information is that it worked for me, and I am not a quick learner, do not […]


As promised: the first part about trying to get a job in Australia for a longer period of time. As a Dutch EP, SEH arts KNMG, you are not recognised as a consultant EM in Australia (www.amc.org.au). The primary reason is that, to be eligible for ‘the specialist pathway’ (http://www.medicalboard.gov.au/Registration/International-Medical-Graduates/Specialist-Pathway.aspx), you need to be an overseas qualified […]