Attention South Australians, Kiwi Docs and New South Welshmen (and women). The ETM Course is coming to Adelaide, Auckland & Sydney soon!

In case you missed it, the ETM Course is going to be held in Adelaide on September 11th-13th, Auckland on October 9th-11th, and in Sydney on November 6th-8th this year (and the Gold Coast later in November, if that takes your fancy…) Click here to see more information about course dates, locations and course place availability. […]

ED Procedures: new site and new courses!

ACEM’s CPD system includes procedural requirements for FACEMs, and in this age of KPI’s/NEAT targets, with queues of RMO’s and Registrars keen for procedures, and the incessantly ringing access line/AO phone and steadily increasing ED demand, a lot of us are struggling to meet our procedural CPD requirements. So George Douros and I have started […]

Simulation For The ACEM Fellowship OSCE Exam Course

This is a quick post to announce a new course that I think will be helpful for those facing future incarnations of the ACEM FE OSCE exam. Eduacute is a new education company based in Queensland who will be running half-day prep courses called Simulation for the OSCE Exam that will give participants intense hands-on […]

Inaugural VIC FACEM Study Group Session

Today was the first (and introductory) session of the new VIC FACEM Study Group. (This is the re-branded “James Hayes sessions”).  Today Don Liew and Victor Lee ran through the new exam format, with loads of pearls for those preparing to sit in the next 12 months.  Victor spoke about the MCQ, EMQ and SAQ, […]

Great new ACEM fellowship exam OSCE site

Michael Edmonds from Adelaide has put together a new site for the OSCE component of the new fellowship exam. ACEM FEx OSCE’s It is a really well organised site where you can browse OSCE’s by category, learning domain, you can even create, save and share your own OSCE stations, and keep track of which ones […]