CVLs: When gas is useful in #POCUS

Here are 2 studies that Tom Jelic presented at the latest EDE 3 journal club looking at the use of a saline flush to confirm central line placement. In the presentation, Tom shows a video of a subxiphoid view showing what is seen within 2 seconds of the flush being injected. The 2 studies were led by Weekes from Charlotte and Duran-Gohring from Jacksonville.

This is a point that came up in the discussion. If a subclavian line inadvertently gets fed up the internal jugular, you might still get a flush in the right side of the heart. But there will be a few second delay in that flush appearing. Also, if you are uncertain, you can use EDE to look for the catheter in the IJ. Pretty easy stuff!

EDE 3 Journal Club: Is the Tube In? Can #POCUS tell you?

That was a deceiving title. You were all thinking endotracheal tube, weren’t you? Or maybe chest tube? Actually, I am referring to the nasogastric tube. I know what you’re thinking. “Why would we need ultrasound to see if the nasogastric tube is in the stomach? It’s pretty easy to tell clinically with a stethoscope.” You would be correct… usually. And that applies to so many other clinical situations. Usually, we would have gotten the diagnosis right without ultrasound. Usually, we would’ve gone down the right treatment path without ultrasound. And usually, we would have done a procedure without any complications. But as physicians, we really don’t like “usually” in any of these settings. POCUS gets us further away from “usually”, and much closer to “always”.

Dr Tom Jelic presented an article at the recent EDE 3 Journal Club on the topic of using POCUS to confirm nasogastric tube placement. It was a study conducted by Dr Marianna Zatelli, an intensivist from Bolzano, Italy. Here is the pub med link. Take it away, Tom!

This is a relatively simple scan. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. It might make life easier in those equivocal cases.

EDE 3 Journal Club: Shoulder #POCUS for dislocations

We just held the 2nd iteration of the EDE 3 Journal Club led by Dr Tom Jelic from Winnipeg. Yesterday, Tom presented the results of a study by Dr Can Akyol from Turkey. He and his colleagues looked at the use of POCUS for shoulder dislocation. Click here for the pubmed link. Click the video to listen to/watch Tom’s presentation.

World Congress Ultrasound in Medical Education, October 12-15, 2017, Montréal

Have you ever been to this conference? I went to the first one in South Carolina a few years ago. Really useful for educators looking to bring POCUS into the undergraduate curriculum. This is the first one taking place in Canada. The conference website is SUSME (Society of Ultrasound in Medical Education) is the parent organization (along with WINFOCUS); head to the SUSME website to find out more about their activities. Dr Pete Steinmetz, who is leading the organization of this event, sent me this blurb.

1. Physicians
The 5th World Congress of Ultrasound in medical education will be held in Montreal October 12-15 2017. This congress is the premier venue for physicians seeking to integrate ultrasound in medical education and clinical practice. This event will enable international and national leaders in point-of-care ultrasound to share their knowledge with students, residents, and other medical professionals. Oral and poster presentations will stimulate discussion while hands-on workshops for the beginner to expert ultrasonographer ensure there is something for everyone to learn!

2. Teachers
The 5th World Congress provides a platform for teachers to learn from experts, collaborate with peers, and explore innovative teaching tools. There is a rapidly growing need for ultrasound instructors and thus teachers can either teach or be taught through a wide choice of hands-on workshops. The pivotal role of teachers in the integration of ultrasound in medical education and clinical practice will be highlighted at the meeting.

3. Residents and Students
The 5th World Congress is THE chance to meet and learn from international and national leaders in point-of-care ultrasound. You can advance your career by presenting your latest and greatest research at oral and poster sessions. The meeting also offers an easy way to share experiences with ultrasound residents and students from around the world over a coffee or drinks and nibbles. And the Ultrasound World Cup competition is a stimulating way to test your ultrasound skills against the world. All welcome for a memorable educational experience in the vibrant city of Montreal!

4. Montreal
For the first time, the annual World Congress comes to Canada! The year 2017 marks the 375th anniversary of Montreal, Canada’s second largest city, and the World Congress will benefit from the vibrancy of planned events throughout the city. The convention site is located close to historic Old Montreal with its cobblestone streets, Notre Dame cathedral, fine dining, elegant shopping, and waterfront promenades. Montreal has the largest population of French speakers outside of Paris and is often described as “a little bit of Paris in North America”. A conveniently-located airport provides access to 15,000 city hotel rooms and 5000 restaurants offering some 80 different types of cuisine. Come and experience Montreal’s joie de vivre!