Med students & #POCUS

Medical schools across the world are incorporating POCUS into their undergraduate curriculum. A natural result is more and more research into the area. Tom Jelic reviewed this study at EDE 3 journal club. Udrea and colleagues from Loma Linda in California published their results in the Journal of Emergency Medicine earlier this year. Here is the link to the abstract. Click on the video below to watch Tom’s presentation.

And here is a plug for the WINFOCUS conference being held in Montreal in mid-October. If you are interested in learning more about POCUS and how other med schools are teaching bedside ultrasound to their students, the conference will be really worthwhile attending. Here is the link. Greg and I will be their along with a bunch of Canadian and International POCUS leaders. And if you have never been to Montreal, you HAVE to go! Why? There are TOO many reasons to list…trust me!

Duplicated Superficial Femoral Vein

We will always keep learning…

In the book and at the EDE 2 course, we mention the importance of keeping an eye out for the duplicate popliteal vein. It is important to scan both for DVT. At a recent course, something less common was found: a duplicate superficial femoral vein. To boot, there was a DVT in one of them! Kudos to Mike Wolf and Dan Joo and the rest of the team for picking up on this! Quite a number of previously undiagnosed abnormalities have been found at EDE 1/2/3 courses over the years. But this is the first DVT. Interestingly, this model had no symptoms. This is common in the setting of a duplicate vein, since drainage of the extremity can still occur. See below for an image of a duplicate popliteal vein from the book. We do not have any images of a duplicate femoral vein yet :(, so I will instead direct you to this google search: duplicated superficial femoral vein.

POCUS for Pneumonia? EDE 3 Journal Club Meta-analysis presented by TJ

There is more and more research looking at the utility of POCUS for diagnosing pneumonia, both in adults and pediatrics. At the EDE 3 journal club, Dr Tom Jelic presented a meta-analysis on the topic published by Alzahrani et al in CUJO, Critical Ultrasound Journal. The title is “Systematic review and meta-analysis for the use of ultrasound versus radiology in diagnosing of pneumonia“.

Here’s Tom: