Tips voor EBEEM examen

Tips ter voorbereiding EBEEM examen. Wil je als SEH-arts KNMG of AIOS SEH je kennis en kunde naar een hoger plan trekken, dan is het een goed idee om voor het European Board Examination in Emergency Medicine (EBEEM) te studeren. Dat is een mooie stok achter de deur om je kennis op specialistniveau te krijgen, […]

Lipid emulsion for LAST

Hi all, We (registrars ED) wanted to know what evidence and recommendations are available about the use of Intralipid for local anesthetic toxicity, so I did some study and put my findings in a PPP, for whom might be interested. Cheers, Laura Intralipid


Dear colleagues, I didn’t post for a long time, due to moving to Australia. But tomorrow I will do a presentation about envenomations in The Northern Territory…. Which is a bit cynical because I’m probably the least experienced in this hospital regarding envenomations. However, I thought it would still be fun to dive into it […]

What to do when you break your arm?

We are two lovely (according to our supervisor) EM-residents from Medical Centre Haaglanden, The Hague and Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, working at the Sint Franciscus Hospital, Rotterdam for a month to increase our ultrasound skills. We expected to perform e-FAST and cardiac ultrasound a lot, but instead our supervisor sent us several times to all those […]


As promised but a bit later: some tips about how to prepare for the AMC multiple choice exam. Other / practical information about the exam you can find on the website The reason I want to share this information is that it worked for me, and I am not a quick learner, do not […]


As promised: the first part about trying to get a job in Australia for a longer period of time. As a Dutch EP, SEH arts KNMG, you are not recognised as a consultant EM in Australia (¬†The primary reason is that, to be eligible for ‘the specialist pathway’ (, you need to be an¬†overseas qualified […]