PulmCrit- Rocketamine vs. keturonium for rapid sequence intubation

Background:  Devil in the details Airway management is a detail-oriented sport.  Minor nuances of patient positioning can be essential.  Or gentle laryngeal manipulation.  Apneic oxygenation can improve first-pass success.  Placing the pulse oximeter on the same arm as the blood pressure cuff can cause real headache.  Failure to recognize and remove dentures is an enormous […]

EMCrit by Josh Farkas.

PulmCrit- Submassive PE 2017: Getting ’em off the cliff

Follow-up data from the PEITHO trial shows that thrombolytics don't affect long-term morbidity.  This simplifies management substantially. PEITHO trial & long-term follow up The PEITHO trial was a multi-center RCT investigating the effect of thrombolysis in submassive PE.  Tenecteplase caused an increase in intracranial hemorrhage and a reduction in hemodynamic collapse.  Overall there was a […]

EMCrit by Josh Farkas.

Podcast 196 – Having a Vomit SALAD with Dr. Jim DuCanto – Airway Management Techniques during Massive Regurgitation, Emesis, or Bleeding

Friend to the show, Jim DuCanto has been obsessed with SALAD. Not the leafy greens delicately touched with a tart emulsion, but with Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination (SALAD). Jim DuCanto, MD  is an anesthesiologist extraordinaire with a constant drive to perfect new airway techniques and document them on video along the way. COI […]

EMCrit by Scott Weingart.