Subtle signs of ischaemia that need cath lab NOW…

Dr Steve Smith is not just a great educator and blogger, he is probably the foremost person you wish you could see when you are having chest pain. This talk is essential for anyone who reads ECGs for a living and treats chest pain. Kudos to the SMACC team for releasing this vid to one of the best lectures of the conference.

Steve Smith Subtle ECG Signs of Ischemia from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.

The slides are here:

Webucation 12/10/14

Web wisdom this time comes from the realms of trauma and radiology mostly. There's also a treat for Star Trek fans and airway enthusiasts all wrapped in one funny promo...

The last link was a promo for the SMACC conference. Semi decent lip-synching but the medical satire is pure gold. Admit it... this has happened in your ED in some shape or form!

SEMS 2014 – Ng Kee Chong: What is permissible in a critically injured child?

A/Prof Ng Kee Chong is the esteemed head of the only tertiary paediatric emergency department in Singapore. He discusses the modern techniques of adult trauma resuscitation and then gives an in-depth analysis of which of those principles can be realistically applied to the critically injured child.

His slides are below: