Nepal 2015

Dear readers and subscribers,

The lack of activity on this site over the last few weeks is due to the authors on this site being deployed or in support roles for a medical mission to Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake. We will resume regular EM material as soon as possible. 

Apart from the ongoing destruction, do remember that rehabilitation and reconstruction is a long term process and lasts years. Relief organisations will need funds not only for the coming monsoon seasons but for permanent shelters. 

Learn more and if you can, donate here:

Mercy Relief Singapore

Red Cross

SG gives

Low dose special K

Here's a video from Prof Larry Mellick which demostrates the efficacy of low dose Ketamine (as an infusion) for neuropathic pain. Ketamine, for those that who are unaware, can be used for the following purposes quite safely. Here is St Emlyn's view on this.

  • Analgesia
  • RSI (most useful in trauma)
  • Maintenance of sedation (ventilated patients)
  • Procedural sedation (esp for children)

For more of his great videos, go here.

Webucation 14/4/15

The edition of web wisdom encompasses lots of radiology, a smattering od dogma-lysis and even some phramacology. Pls credit the original content creators.

The last link shows us the quality of critical appraising and high level cognitive thought that is out there in the world of FOAM. Long may this continue.

Sonowars form SMACC 2014

For those who love ultrasound and for those who would like to know more about it, here is a very good demonstration on how to make it fun in a conference setting. My old mentor Dr Adrian Goudie and his fellow WA colleague Dr James Rippey team up to "go against" the dynamic duo from .
Thanks to the SMACC organisers who posted this on the web.

SonoWars from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.