Doctor-Patient Communication

The slide deck of a short sharing I gave to a group of first year medical students of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). It is indeed a good move to talk about doctor-patient communication early in their medical studies, to expose them to the intricacies, the skill and the art of communicating with patients, including how to break bad news. Doctor-Patient Communication Skill from Chew

Life Threatening Electrolytes

Slide deck (in pdf) for the above presentation: Life threatening electrolyte abnormalities from Chew Keng Sheng Perhaps one thing which I did not make clear in the video and the slide is the use of 3% hypertonic saline: As 1g of Na = 17 mmol therefore,  3% NaCl means 3 g in 100 ml or  30 g in 1000 ml (1 L) = (30 * 17) mmol in 1 L     [since 1 g NaCL = 17 mmol) = 510 mmol/