Life Threatening Electrolytes

Slide deck (in pdf) for the above presentation: Life threatening electrolyte abnormalities from Chew Keng Sheng Perhaps one thing which I did not make clear in the video and the slide is the use of 3% hypertonic saline: As 1g of Na = 17 mmol therefore,  3% NaCl means 3 g in 100 ml or  30 g in 1000 ml (1 L) = (30 * 17) mmol in 1 L     [since 1 g NaCL = 17 mmol) = 510 mmol/

Discussion on the dilemma in bioethics using the various ethical theories

We often discuss bioethical principles using Beauchamp and Childress (2008)'s four bioethical principles (some people would say that there are more than four) but seldom do we teach or guide students through some of these bioethical dilemma (which we often face in real clinical practice) using the various ethical or moral theories in philosophy. This short video starts with a case