Emergency Exam E.A.G. Report

Release of the College Investigation into ‘Alleged Exam Prejudice’

The Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) published the findings of the Expert Advisory Group (EAG) report yesterday.

While the process has taken some time, the terms of reference and externally commissioned reports suggest an attempt at a robust investigation.  A media release summarised the findings of Dr Helen Szoke and Professor Ron Paterson’s investigation.  An executive summary found “no specific evidence of discrimination in the outcome of the 2016.2 Fellowship Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) (sic)“, but identified many areas for future change and “improvement“.

The ACEM Board have “accepted the EAG’s report in its entirety” and “will respond in time to each of the recommendations“. The college have acknowledged a number of areas for improvement and appealed for help with implementation of the findings.

Future monitoring of the situation will require not only transparency of the exam process but also more detailed reporting on performance of potential ‘minorities’ such as indigenous Australians, Torres Strait Islanders, LGQBTI, genders, educational backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and the like.  (Comments below will be open for 10 days.  Please show respect for all stakeholders and follow the posting “rules” outlined in previous post(s) on this issue)

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