Hello!  (if anyone is still there…)Be Right Back

It’s been a while.  

Just a quick note to say that the Conferences Page is down and being redesigned.  If you know of any new Medical Education, EM, Critical Care, Medical Ethics, Ultrasound, or Toxicology conferences that should be included in the listing, or any existing meetings that I neglected to include in the past, please let me know via comment here, or in the form on the page itself.

For now, be sure to follow Stanford’s Medicine X (#MedX) on twitter or at FOAMfeeds.  

I’ll be right back! 


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It’s a Med Ed Maelstrom!



No, not really.

But this is a very busy weekend for EM and Med Ed types with five (yes, five) great medical conferences running simultaneously.  In the past you’d have been lucky to attend one or two of these, but thanks to the wonders of the interwebs and an amazing community of educators and learners, you can now soak up the wisdom pouring out of all 5 meetings right from the comfort of your ___________ (fill-in your favorite down-time spot).

You thought the polar vortex was bad?

The FOAM world is still dealing with the aftershocks of SMACCgold and now we have these to sort through:

  • Critical Care: Resuscitation 2014 (#Resus14)
  • Toxicology: ACMT 2014 (#ACMT2014)
  • Ultrasound: AIUM 2014 (#AIUM14)
  • Emergency Medicine Education: CORD-EM (#CORDAA14)
  • Transport Medicine: Critical Care Transport Medicine Conference (#CCTMC14)

Here’s how you’re going to stay on top of it all

Keep up with these, and other meetings in future, by using any/all of the following strategies:

  1. Visit the Conferences section on this website for a listing of upcoming meetings, their hashtags and twitter accounts, and affiliated websites.
  2. Follow each conference # (hashtag) individually on Twitter or using a multi-list app such as Tweetdeck.
    1. This is the simplest method, but the most labor intensive.
    2. You’ll have to look up each hashtag, save your searches, and then check each feed in your app.
  3. Follow key persons at each meeting.
    1. Some meetings will have official, and session specific, twitter accounts.  For example: @CORD_SMW and @SAEMonline
    2. Resuscitation 2014 had a social media team.  Instead of following the entire public conversation, you could follow only team members to see high yield posts from dedicated iReporters.
    3. Follow @ALiEMconf - The twitter account used by Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) iReporters during conferences.  Always high yield.
  4. Go to the Live Conferences page at FOAMfeeds to see all the conversations (hashtag feeds) on one page.
  5. Join any Google+ communities centered around the conferences
  6. Keep an eye out for bloggers’ meeting summaries.  Examples: Bodymender’s Storify and this by Minh Le Cong on SMACC Gold

Breathe In – Breathe Out

Remember, you don’t have to contribute.  And this doesn’t have to take over your life.  You can simply scan the feed when you have a few minutes and click on any interesting links.  Save them for later.  Discuss them with your colleagues.  If you do have a question, or if you disagree with something that was said, just fit your message in 140 characters or less and be sure to include the conference hashtag.  Someone will probably get back to you.  If you’re lucky it might even be one of the speakers.  For more on how to make your tweets count see Conference Tweeting: Don’t Start Tweet with @ Symbol by Bryan Hayes on Academic Life in Emergency Medicine.

Happy learning!  If you have any other tips I hope you’ll share them in the comments box below.


Full Disclosure: I am a member of the Resus 2014 social media team and have served on the SAEM Social Media Committee

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The FOAM Primer: Putting It All Together

How do you use FOAM?  Why should you bother?  What kind of resources are out there?  How do open educational resources fit into your work/study routine?  

This is the latest version of a FOAM Primer – A Six Step Guide to Academic Independence – that I’ve given at several Emergency Medicine residency programs over the last few months.  Hope you find it useful!  There is a new one in the works, to be presented with Dr. Jeremy Faust.


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Winter getting you down? Plan your spring conference schedule now!

It’s cold and nasty out, the days are short, and you’re sick of just about everything (unless, of course, you’re in the sunny part of the world)…  Why not make plans to attend a medical conference this spring?  No, it’s not quite like SCUBA diving in Belize or climbing the Kilimanjaro.  But, contrary to your fantasy vacation, you might actually find that somebody else is willing to fund this trip for you.  Use your CME funds wisely my friends…  

I’ve been updating the Conferences Page and am amazed by the large number of meetings happening around the world this spring.  Take a look at the list if you’re feeling down.  And don’t forget that even if you can’t make it to #Resus14 or #CCME14, no matter where you are you can always participate in the conversation by visiting FOAMFeeds.  Did you know that #AAEM14 started today?  

For the go-getters, here are a few upcoming deadlines:

  • SMACC Gold – There is still time to submit your Pecha Kucha SMACC Talk!
  • Submit your proposal for a CCME 2014 Associated Symposium: February 28, 2014
  • SAMsterDAM submission deadline: March 4, 2014
  • American Society for Bioethics and Humanities 2014 – Call for Proposals: March 6, 2014
  • ICRE 2014 submission deadline: March 7, 2014
  • TAPNA 2014 submission deadline: March 21, 2014

And some recently added gatherings:

  • The Canadian Critical Care Conference, Feb. 25-28
  • The All NYC Emergency Medicine Conference (#allNYCem6), March 12
  • SAMsterDAM (Spring Conference, Society for Acute Medicine), May 1-2
  • North York General Emergency Medicine Update (#EMU2014), May 8-10
  • 7th Annual Critical Care Ultrasound Symposium, May 10-11
  • The National Conference on Wilderness Medicine, May 28 – June 1
  • Emergency Tasmania, August 8-10

As always, if you know of any EM, CC, Ultrasound, Medical Ethics or Medical Education Conferences that should be included, drop me a line! 



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Overhaulin’ Conference FOAM


Last year I started a page to highlight medical conferences that make an effort to incorporate social media and FOAM into their programming – Conference FOAM.  Only two conferences made the list at the time, the inaugural SMACC and the International EM Teaching Course.  Nobody else was doing much of anything to activate attendees and to reach those who could not physically attend.  At most, if conferences were lucky enough to have some Twitter types in attendance they would end up with a good twitter feed.  Things are slowly changing.  Organizers are realizing the added value of FOAM and SoMe involvement.  This year we can add Resuscitation 2014 and two Canadian conferences – CCME/Ottawa Conference and ICRE – to the list.

Resus14 is stepping up its social media presence by inviting those in attendance to be more active, by hosting moderated Twitter Q&A, and also by providing some materials online for free (full disclosure: I am a member of the social media team for #Resus14).  CCME will be hosting a pre-conference “Social Media Bootcamp” with leading speakers from the FOAM world and ICRE is conducting a pre-conference “Social Media in Medical Education Summit.”  And once again, amazing content is expected from SMACC and the IEMTC (a spring session was added to IEMTC this year, see their website for more details).

For full details on these conferences visit the Conference FOAM page.

To keep up with all EM, CC, and related conferences, including hashtags, twitter handles, and submission deadlines, check out the continually updated Conferences page.

If you know of any conference affiliated FOAM and social media activities that I’ve missed let me know so I can add them to the list!



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