EM POCUS Fellowships in Canada

It’s coming up on 10 years since we started our POCUS fellowship in Sudbury. Dr Andrew Skinner was our first fellow who we conned accepted into the fellowship ­čÖé Andrew went onto start the fellowship at St Paul’s in Vancouver. Since then, the number of Canadian EM POCUS has grown significantly. Among them are fellowships started by EDE Book authors: Dr Joel Turner at McGill (www.mcgill.ca/emergency/programs/ultrasound-fellowship), Dr Michael Woo in Ottawa (www.ultrasound.emottawa.ca/eng/index.html), and Dr Jordan Chenkin in Toronto (www.pocustoronto.com/fellowship.html). EDE 2 instructors Dr Danny Peterson in Calgary and Dr Frank Myslik in London also run fellowships. All Canadian EM POCUS fellowships and more info can be found at www.pocus.ca. Application deadlines are just around the corner so get your applications in!

Clip Deidentifier Update

Grab the newest Clip Deidentifier, added some features suggested by @DavidPigottMD and @aliteplo.  Main additions are:

  • ability to select any rectangle from the clip, eliminating clutter
  • much improved image quality
  • bug fixes

Updated OS X app [download] 73MB
Updated Win 7, 8, 10+ app [download] 56MB

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