Pulmonary complications after surgery – ANZICS CTG podcast with Ianthe Boden

It's a significant problem, and there are things we can do to prevent them.

But you might be surprised by the solution, and how impressive the effect is.  In fact, if physiotherapists were a drug, they'd be worth billions.

Ianthe Boden joins me to chat about the impact of preoperative physiotherapy on high risk surgical patients on this fantastic podcast

Do buffered solutions make a difference? Simon Finfer is hoping to find out…

It's fair to say that Simon Finfer has had a rather large impact on ICU research in the past couple of decades.

A key member of the original ANZICS Clinical Trials Group, principle investigator for several major trials and the father of this particular meeting, first convened nearly 20 years ago.

In this interview from the CTG Noosa meeting, Simon chats about the upcoming PLUS trial, looking for evidence that buffered fluids for resuscitation of ICU patients improves outcomes compared with normal saline.

Here's the podcast