What do YOU carry? Emergency docs & parents’ set.

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As a mom of two sons, myself being an emergency physician and PALS-instructor, I know how vulnerable children are – and that the leading cause for death in children is hypoxia in non-traumatic cases.

Thats why we (my husband is also emergency physician…) decided to carry some stuff with us in addition to the usual „pampers and wipes“: in a cheap „click-box“ (€ 1,-), we have a Laryngeal Tube (King Tube) and two LMA, who fit for both our sons (we unwrapped them for smaller packaging). Instead of a Suction Unit, we carry a big syringe, where a suction-catheter easily fits. 50ml volume should be enough to clear the airway of our kids (or their friends).

And the best: It all fits together in a normal handbag!

Pediatric dosing – table

For many of us that mostly treat adult patients, the pediatric emergency and especially dosing is a challenge. While most medication and dosing can be looked up using various tools, in really emergent situations like CPR, peri-arrest situations and emergency airways (e.g. in trauma) you need to have your doses ready and fast.

Also, you need to be ready to give your team of medics (who are also not very used to be treating the very sick child or baby) exact instructions of how to draw up the drugs.

There are a lot of apps (ped anesthesia etc.) but somehow, those did not work for me very well. Sometimes they had far too much or too little information or bad interfaces… So I created my own “ped emergency card” – to be ready just in case. It has served me well so far.

The rows are weight-based (kg) and correlated with the age. On the left side there is the drug with the suggested dose and then the instructions for dilution / drawing up; then the ml. E.g.: Ketamine 0,5 (100mg/10ml) 0,5ml means: You should give 0,5mg Ketamine per Kilogram; draw it up 100mg in 10ml total; give 0,5ml (= 5mg).

It’s translated from my original (german) version – what do you think?

English version: Ped EM card EN

German version: Kinder-Notfallwerte Deutsch DE

Ped Emerg

What do YOU carry? Nerdy german HEMS doctor

I love it „onion-style“ depending on the wheater…
HEMS uniform
Protective Wear:
Functional Wear developed for HEMS Missions:  in combination with a high-visible vest
Depending on the wheather condition, I wear a Polo-Shirt or a black fleece as needed.
Left chest pocket:
Right chest pocket:
Some money (about 20,-)
Right chest pockets:
Pens, 2ml syringe, needel, small box with Ketamin 100mg/2ml for Ketanest i.m.
Right pocket:
Left chest pocket:
Stethoscope Littmann Master SE
Left pocket:
removabel notes, ear-plugs. Ped-dosing-table, important phone-numbers and similar notes.
Right upper pocket:
Right knee pocket:
iPhone, pen, permanent marker
Right leg:
2 Israeli Bandages, 2 Tourniquets
Left knee:
diagnostik lamp, Maglite Mini, Rubber Stamp, vbm pocket-Introducer, 11er-Blade scalpel
Left Leg:
2 rescue blankets, 2 „Dreiecktuch“
A very cheap „holster“ I bought in South Africa 15 years ago, Equipment for mass casualties with 5 Guedl, 15 sterile Kompresses, scissors, 2 big permanent marker
For Sea-Rescue-Missions I additionally used to carry a ready-heat-system, sun-glasses and special sailing-gloves.
In mass casualties or any kind of large-scale event I used to carry a walkie-talkie with additional head-set on the belt at my back.
Also, a whistle – to gain attention in chaos situations, also when being threatened.