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About us:


While the global #FOAMed community grows rapidly – mainly in the UK, US and Australia, we realized that there are quite a few blogs on emergency medicine in Europe. Since many of them are in the original countries language, they get only shared within the country / language area and are not part of the global FOAM-movement.

Who we are

We are a group of motivated young doctors from all over europe and are fiercely interested in emergency medicine. On FOAMeurope, we want to collect the best emergency medical information from the diverse countries that form this continent and share it with the whole world – and if the information posted in a specific country is not in english – we translate it so more people can learn. We do respect and acknowledge the original authorship and copyright. Our work is done in the spirit of the FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education – more info) and therefore free for everybody to learn from and participate in discussions.
We invite you to join us – and be part of the development of emergency medicine in this very exciting time.