The Nicolas Pineda Series

Our good friend from Chile, Nicolas Pineda, has put together a series of videos on how to put together a great talk.


Who am I to give you advice on giving lectures? Mmmm, that’s a tough question to answer! I’m just a Chilean Emergency Physician with a special interest in trying to make communication between EM teachers and their residents as effective as possible. As one of the early developers of the specialty in my country, I’ve felt the need to be as good as I can in giving lectures, in order to inspire medical students and doctors to dedicate their professional lives to Emergency Medicine! Enjoy the videos!

HTMGT: 1.0: talks & bad talks! from Nicolás Pineda Viviani on Vimeo.

HTMGT: 2.0: where do I start? from Nicolás Pineda Viviani on Vimeo.

HTMGT: 3.0: Designing the form… from Nicolás Pineda Viviani on Vimeo.

HTMGT: 4.0: let’s do some slides! from Nicolás Pineda Viviani on Vimeo.

HTMGT: 5.0: avoiding 5 common mistakes! from Nicolás Pineda Viviani on Vimeo.

HTMGT: 6.0: welcome to the show! from Nicolás Pineda Viviani on Vimeo.

HTMGT: 7.0: Who the hell am I? from Nicolás Pineda Viviani on Vimeo.

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New(er) Podcasts in Emergency Medicine

Hey folks, welcome back to the  iTeachEM blog! I’ve been on a bit of a break…just moved from Maryland to the great state of Kentucky and joined the faculty at The University of Kentucky Department of Emergency Medicine. My podcast and blog contributing has not been great for the last three months due to moving.

The iTeachEM Podcast is still in existence and is NOT going away. Feel free to review some of the awesome episodes we have already posted! We’ve got some great stuff coming from the iTeachEM podcast, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks to months. We will announce new episodes on Twitter as they come out.

Wildcast EM is a new podcast still in development, but we should have the 1st episode out this summer. This totally new podcast, from the energetic and dedicated EM faculty at The University of Kentucky, will be focused on the nuts and bolts of cutting edge emergency medicine. Just wait and see what surprises we have for you!



Lastly, don’t forget The Teaching Course Podcast. This is a new one that takes a lot of the great content from The Teaching Course and puts it into podcast form. So far we’ve got some great episodes up on flipping the classroom and how to build a great talk. You can also get information from our course site:



Great stuff coming from iTeachEM, The Teaching Course Podcast, and Wildcast EM….Get ready for some juicy, meducational, tasty nuggets!

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Are you Ready for Reddit?

A Guide to Reddit: The (potential) Front Page of Social Media Medical based Education

Thanks to Daniel Cabrera and Scott Kobner for this brilliant post!





What is Reddit?

Reddit is one of the most popular and rapidly growing social media platforms today, with Alexa ranking it as the 36th most popular website in the world. Defining Reddit may be difficult, but it can be described as a socially organized and community run content aggregator.

The website doesn’t have a central authority organizing and managing the posts, it rests on volunteer submitters and moderators (mods) to function as curators with a great amount (some would say too much) of independence. Despite its indy or guerrilla spirit, Reddit is owned by mega publisher Conde Nast publications.

How it works?

The platform is essentially organized in users called redditors (noted /u/user) and forums or communities called subredits (noted /r/topic). The users can submit any linkable content such us other web pages, videos, pictures or self-entry-text to a specific forum. Each post gets up voted or down voted which along a very complicated algorithm based on time decay increases or decreases the visibility and noteworthiness of the post.

The user who submits content gets awarded karma proportional to the amount of votes, being karma a sort a merit badge or bragging-right, with no intrinsic or extrinsic value; but likely working as an immediate gratification mechanism.

One of the most popular Reddit features is the ability to comment about the posts. All entries contain a colloquial section where the users can discuss the content of the submission; not uncommonly the comments are more engaging an interesting than the actual post. Similar rules in terms of karma and noteworthiness related to votes and time applies to the comments.

A great video from GCP Grey explaning how Reddit works:

The Culture

What makes Reddit different from other social media hubs is the powerful culture behind the platform and its users. The website has its own lingo, code of conduct and heavy anonymity governing the website, this leads to a strong sense of community and belonging, while creating the feeling of being different from other more tamed platforms.

The community values curiosity, knowledge, wit, engagement and timeliness and rewards or punishes the content based on them. The values of Reddit resonate particularly strong with the current teenagers coming to age and the Generation C, who are defined by being connected, communicating, content-centric, computerized, community-oriented and always clicking.

Reddit can be an extraordinary positive force of thought and action but at the same time it has been involved in very reprehensible and dangerous acts; Reddit functions as a reflection of the culture where it exists and all the good and bad is only a representation of our current society.

How to use Reddit for social media based education?

The technical and cultural characteristics of Reddit offer a robust and free access platform to create digital communities of learning and practice.

Even acknowledging Reddit’s critique of mob-type behaviors, the ability to create and publish content, the capacity to be curated by moderators, asynchronic nature and the social negotiation of the content are key characteristics of the upcoming social learning paradigm.

A digital teacher can create a subreddit, asking the learners to become users; then posting not only didactic units, but also Journal Club type of discussions, polls and even evaluations. The learners can interact not only with the teacher but also with other learners of the group, other communities and users that may appear relevant to the discussion. The teacher acting as a curator (or moderator) can steer the discussion where it appears most appropriate for the curriculum.

A great example of how history teachers use Reddit can be found at /r/AskHistorians



“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”

– William Gibson

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