#FOAMed of the Week: Top Ten Tips for beginners- From Life in the Fast Lane.


LITFL have published a great little summary for beginners of how to approach the #FOAMed world. Read it here.

 What the hell is this #FOAMed stuff all about? Read this. Think of it as the coffee room chat of the international medical community (with over-representation of ED/Crit-Care peeps!)  

 Get involved, and get engaged in the continued evolution of medicine and medical education!

 Viva la #FOAMed!







#FOAMed of the Week: #TRAUMACARE17 via Twitter!

The Trauma Care Conference is one of the popular events of the EM conference scene....but someone needs to run the shop floor while everyone else is out on a jolly!

Fortunately the #FOAMed universe can bring the real highlights to your phone without you even needing to leave your department......although actually living in an ED is definitely bad for your well-being - not advocating that.....you can read it a home too!

The Resus Room and St Emlyns have both published some trauma related updates to help keep us current.