#FOAMed of the Week: #TRAUMACARE17 via Twitter!

The Trauma Care Conference is one of the popular events of the EM conference scene....but someone needs to run the shop floor while everyone else is out on a jolly!

Fortunately the #FOAMed universe can bring the real highlights to your phone without you even needing to leave your department......although actually living in an ED is definitely bad for your well-being - not advocating that.....you can read it a home too!

The Resus Room and St Emlyns have both published some trauma related updates to help keep us current. 

#FOAMed of the week: Neuro-trauma, pearls n pitfalls via EMdocs


This is a great review of the management of Neuro-trauma from EM Docs and is well worth reading if you involved in any multi-trauma patient.

 Check out the blog here

 About EM Docs:

We are a group of seven emergency physicians who want to provide a truly current resource for the rapidly developing field of emergency medicine. We subscribe to the free, open-access medical education initiative, and our goal is to inform the global EM community with timely and high yield content about what providers like YOU are seeing and doing everyday in your local ED. 

#FOAMed of the Week: Why don’t we wash our hands? From Chris Nickson at SMACC 15


It's really easy, we just need to remember to wash our hands, how hard can it be....?

Yet we really don't do it as often as we should. Chris Nickson looks at why, and why we should.  

This next bit is lifted from the SMACC website: 

Hand hygiene is widely regarded as the bedrock for the prevention of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). HAIs are among the biggest killers in modern medicine. Yet, hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers remains woefully poor.

Why can’t we learn the lessons that Semmelweis taught us nearly 150 years ago? If we can’t teach intelligent healthcare workers to wash their hands properly, what hope do we have as medical educators? This is both a patient safety and a medical education priority. Our patients’ lives are at risk and they deserve better.

So, how can we change our patient’s microbiological cultures? By changing our culture.

The power, it seems, is in our hands


#FOAMed of the Week: New in EM via @RCEMFOAMed



For Feb 2017, a NEW....New in EM

Great new format from the @RCEMFOAMed's Andy Neill and Dave McCreary. Looking at sternal fractures in the era of pan scans, Ketorolac, thromboprophylaxis in lower limb injury and GTN bolus for heart failure.

The new format is in preparation for a re-organised once per month podcast with multiple segments..... watch THIS space!