Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources & Courses

This page contains all of our current resources on a variety of teaching styles used in medical education; it also lists current teaching courses available for Oxford medical students. We hope they will prove useful and will improve the quality of your teaching, we would like to particularly thank the Oxford Learning Institute for their help in putting all of this together.



Remember if you want to sign on as one of our tutors then please just email us at osme@oxfordmedicaleducation.com


If you want to get involved in one of our teaching schemes then please visit our projects and schemes page here: http://www.oxfordmedicaleducation.com/osme/teaching-projects/

Check out our events here: http://www.oxfordmedicaleducation.com/osme/events/

OSME Home page: http://www.oxfordmedicaleducation.com/osme/


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Our Tutors

This page provides the contact details and teaching interests of our members who are up for tutoring so if you need any teaching on a particular subject then please get in touch with them and they’ll be happy to help. You might also want to think about linking up with fellow tutors to establish a full teaching scheme.

Any teaching by an OSME member evidenced by feedback will be fully accredited by us with a certificate, just get in touch using osme@oxfordmedicaleducation.com


Our Final Year Tutors

Tutor: Email: Teaching Interests:
Sam Ravenscroft samuel.ravenscroft@gtc.ox.ac.uk Rheumatology
Daniel Jones daniel.jones@worc.ox.ac.uk Cardiology, clinical anatomy & fourth year OSCE
Amanda Bacon amanda.bacon@seh.ox.ac.uk O & G, fourth year OSCE
Tom Taylor thomas.taylor@exeter.ox.ac.uk Ophthalmology & fourth year OSCE
Callum Harris callum.harris@new.ox.ac.uk Fourth year OSCE
Tom Frost thomas.frost@lincoln.ox.ac.uk Fourth year OSCE
George Sismey george.sismey@seh.ox.ac.uk General and emergency medicine, ortho
Sam Skillcorn sam.skillcorn@jesus.ox.ac.uk Emergency medicine & fourth year OSCE
Joe O’Sullivan joseph.osullivan@merton.ox.ac.uk O & G
Jack Bell jack.bell@chch.ox.ac.uk Neurology
David Wen ddwwen@gmail.com Dermatology
Aakash Khanijau aakash.khanijau@jesus.ox.ac.uk Laboratory Medicine
Anni Ding anni.ding@sjc.ox.ac.uk Surgical Teaching
Giles Neal giles.neal@seh.ox.ac.uk Surgical Teaching

We’ll be adding more tutors shortly but if you’d like to help out and haven’t already signed up but please email your name, year and teaching interests to osme@oxfordmedicaleducation.com

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Events & Schemes

OSME plans to hold a number of events throughout the upcoming year. We hope to host a series of general meetings where members can collaborate as well as offer speakers and teachers on the subject of medical education. We of course also hope to put on a large number of teaching events. Info on both will be posted on this page.


What’s on:

Our next meeting is going to be end of September (date tbc):


Our next teaching events will be:

Teaching event: Date and time Google form to sign up to attend

Remember, if you want to teach on any of these then please go to: http://www.oxfordmedicaleducation.com/osme/teaching-tutoring/

If you have any ideas for new teaching schemes or events then please email osme@oxfordmedicaleducation.com or get in touch with one of our committee members.

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