Episode 25 Lipid Rescue Part 2

lipidrescue200In this episode we have the second half of our interview with Guy Weinburg and Michael Fettiplace about developments in lipid rescue, more than just a “lipid sink”. Contributors include Matthew Zuckeman, Michael Fettiplace, and Guy Weinburg. More info at LipidRescue.org

Episode 24 Lipid Rescue Part 1

lipidrescue200In this episode we have the first half of our interview with Guy Weinberg where we talk about the history and development of lipid rescue. Contributors include Matthew Zuckerman and Guy Weinberg. More info at LipidRescue.org


Articles featured

Episode 23 Mushroom Poisoning

Amanita MuscariaIn this episode we talk about the spectrum of mushroom poisoning from Amanita to magic mushrooms. Contributors include Matthew Zuckerman and the UMass Toxicology team Kavita Babu, Katie Boyle, Lynn Farrugia, Stephanie Carreiro, Peter Chai, and Viral Patel along with Mark Neavyn. Mushroom pictures are available here.

Episode 23 Coming Soon

We realize there’s been a slight lag since the last episode. Rest assured we’re working on more great episodes and appreciate your patience. The show is a labor of love and some of that labor has had to go towards other areas recently. But there are some exciting changes coming to ToxTalk in the next few months and we think you’ll like them. So all we ask of you is to keep us in your subscription feed via iTunes or the mailing list or however you listen, and that way you’ll be there to see them. Those going through tox withdrawal can checkout our Twitter feed @ToxTalk which is still active or maybe checkout episodes you haven’t heard.

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Episode 22 Not That Kind of Mustard

mustardburnsIn this episode we talk to Dr. Kathryn Weibrecht about a US case of mustard exposure and how to identify and treat these cases. MMWR case series can be found here and a link to the case in Annals can be found here. Contributors include Matthew Zuckerman and Kat Weibrecht.

Episode 21 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

In this episode we talk to Dr. Leo Schep from the National Poisons Centre of New Zealand about the country’s experience with regulating synthetic cannabinoids, known there as “Legal Highs”. Afterwards, you’ll get a first peek at the new talking naloxone autoinjector. Contributors include Matthew Zuckerman and Leo Schep from University of Otago. More information about NZ regulation of legal highs can be found here.