UOTW #80

A 51 year old female with history of anxiety presents with chest pain radiating to her back with tachycardia and a SBP of 210. After seeing a normal cardiac ultrasound and lung ultrasound, you place an ultrasound probe on her abdomen.


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UOTW #79

This patient is a 64 year old male with a history of a pancreatic mass who presents with worsening jaundice and mild abdominal pain. Physical exam reveals normal vital signs, notable jaundice and scleral icterus and mild epigastric tenderness to palpation and a negative Murphy’s sign. Bedside right upper quadrant ultrasound is shown below.


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ClipDeidentifier for Mac

Mac users get an updated ClipDeidentifier today with the same sleek modern interface added to the recently released Windows version.  The recently released Windows version gets a feature upgrade today as well, a preview size selector and responsive design.  Here are a few notable features for this Mac release:

  • supports drag and drop of multiple files/folders
  • all major PC imaging formats supported (no DICOM yet)
  • quick preview every scan before committing the batch deidentification
  • manual crop selector
  • full metadata strip
  • preview size selector
  • responsive design

Grab the new Mac app now [download] 73MB
Updated Win 7, 8, 10+ app [download] 56MB

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