At the edge of the cliff,

8th May 2018. Tuesday. Nearly midnight. At the edge of the cliff, the view becomes clear. Malaysia - one country, one people - well, almost ...

More than 2 years have passed since we all started looking forward to this election. It's been a long journey, bruising and testing, often calling on us to examine our principles, our moral compass, our relationship with our fellow Malaysians. And as we now stand together at the end of this journey, and at the edge of the cliff, one thing is certain - regardless of outcomes tomorrow, we are all much much more similar than we thought. 

We all have common aims in life, ways of thought and behaviour that are very alike, similar hopes and aspirations for our kids and their future, and in many ways, a fairly indistinguishable misunderstanding and mistrust of each other. This has been used by the ruling government to divide us for decades, so that we would never, could never agree on changing a govt, regardless of circumstances. 

But somehow, the unerring wheels of karma have aligned the moons, and we now stand on this very edge, watching history being made. We must never forget this lesson, that every Malaysian share so much more in common, only the smallest quirks setting us apart.  And we must never again let anyone misuse those minor differences to set us against each other again. 

This lesson has been 14 years in the learning, for it was in 2004 that Pak Lah won an overwhelming victory by promising rule of law, no corruption, helping the common man achieve all that he can be and respecting each and every one from every race and walk of life. He never delivered. That's what we wanted then, and remains what we want now. Tomorrow, we can start rebuilding that future. 

Tomorrow too, we shalt need to deal with the crooks and their enablers, the saboteurs and instigators, the haters and liars. Let the rule of law take back its honour and strength by dealing with them, fairly and justly.  But let's start off with compassion, not revenge.  Love not anger.  Tolerance not hatred. Let's build, not tear down.

So, at the edge of the cliff, do we jump, or do we fly ?

Vote. Rebuild. Save our country. 

Ayer Hitam, Ayer Hitam …. Air Itam calling!

Ayer Hitam - Parliamentary constituency in Johor; total voters approx 45,000; incumbent - MCA-BN

Air Itam - State constituency in Penang; total voters approximately 19,000; incumbent - DAP-PR

In GE-14, it is interesting for the constituents of Ayer Hitam to take a closer look at their smaller (and maybe wiser) namesake in Penang. 

Consider the management of government-controlled funds, and where those funds ended up; consider those who kept quiet, enablers who ignored or distracted from it.

Consider the passing of questionable laws in double-quick time, and the disdain shown to fairness and natural justice.

Consider where we are now, and where we are heading; and think of what burden we leave behind for our children to bear.

Consider your voice, and wonder if you still have one; for who stifles voices calling for justice, fairness and doing right.

Considering all this, even if he is the most friendly fellow, who does his best with the roads, and lights and drains, and the friendly nod and pat on the back; he is not worthy of our vote - our lost voice, lost riches, lost dignity, lost pride, lost peace is not replaceable. 

Vote ! For Malaysia's sake, vote!

I trust these to be self-evident and true …

... that in these trying times, 
  • we as a people of this country, will build in a common future together; 
  • believe in each others common strengths, shared ideals and similar intent; 
  • look at each other with patience, tolerance and understanding; 
  • discard that which is diseased, 
  • overcome those who sow hate and discord, and
  • uphold what is fair, upright and just.

... that in recent times,
  • we, the people of this country, have NOT had a govt for the people,
  • but thieves, crooks, liars and swindlers,
  • who made us suffer, taught our children injustice, made us fight each other, 
  • made us poorer - in culture, in decency, in respect, in money

... that when it comes time to #Vote,
  • we Malaysians, who already share so much history, and must share the future together,
  • we, who have our fears, preconceived prejudices, stoked by ugly politicians,
  • we, must believe that we are better than the ugliness, repulsive arrogance shown to us,
  • we trust in us, you and me,
  • we turn away from the path leading to more of the same, and worse to come,
  • to that path of hope for a better future.

... that when our children ask us, sometime in the future,
  • what did you do then, at the turning of the tides,
  • you can say I moved and we became a tsunami of hope
  • that swept out all that was decrepit and rotten, 
  • and we built again, better, fairer, a government for the people.