PHARM Podcast 26 – Australian Emergency Perspective July 2012 with Dr Amit Maini and Dr Andy Buck

Andy and Amit in the resus bay!
Tune in to hear Amit, Andy and I discuss current affairs in EM and Critical Care for July 2012!

Hi folks!

This episode with Dr Amit Maini and Dr Andy Buck,  Australian Emergency Physicians doing locum work in the TopEnd of Australia, Darwin, in the Northern Territory.

Check out Amit’s own superlative EM/CC blog site called ED Trauma Critical Care .

Andy has his excellent teaching website for Emergency medicine. You must add it to your online reading list!

On this episode we discuss some hot EM/CC topics currently being debated on the blogsphere and twitterverse!

1.The Crash Airway – survival tips and hard learnt lessons from the resuscitation room

2.Chest pain assessment Australian ED practice and possible role of CT coronary angiograms


Mr EmCrit, Dr Weingart delivers a great podcast on bougies and surgical cric preparedness

Dr Andy Buck wrote this awesome article on managing airways in obese patients!

Drs Andy and Amit wrote between two nice articles on CHECKLISTS and how useful they can be in airway management

My article I wrote in Australian Rural Doctor Magazine, June 2012 on Aeromedical Retrieval and importance of effective communication Aeromedical Retrieval article June 2012

Improving verbal communication in critical care medicine

Graded Assertiveness Scenarios exercise

CT coronary angiography for safe discharge of patients with possible acute coronary syndrome

Stay safe and enjoy the interview


Now on to the Podcast

Download: Amit_and_Andy_July_2012_podcast.mp3

Right Click and Choose Save-as to Download the Podcast.

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Emergency Department Drug Card Download from Dr Rob Bryant

Rob is back with another free download EM resource!

hi folks

Remember that Dr Rob Bryant, the Kiwi Doc in Utah, with the Damned Sexy Intubation podcast and free downloads of protocols he helped develop?

Well he is back again as generous as ever!


Emergency Department Drug Card_Final_May 2011.pdf

iTS A GREAT RESOURCE ( but we do not have etomidate down under..well at least in Australia. I know the Kiwis got it..incredible!)


From: Rob Bryant <>
Date: 5 July 2012 6:47:28 PM AEST
To: Minh Le Cong <>
Subject: Emergency Department Drug Card_Final_May 2011.pdf

Thought you might like this ED specific drug card our pharmacists made, I feel smarter carrying it in my pocket, and it is handy for meds I should know, but use infrequently, especially the pediatric doses.

There will be a push dose pressors section on the next iteration.

Feel free to share this if all the drug names will translate down under.
A “best trick of the trade” contest could draw some great practice game changers from your growing audience.

Thanks for the mousepad and airway mgmt syllabus, it is a great read.


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And Now for Something Completely Different…

I am waiting to fly across the country (from Pacific to Atlantic) to get ready for my next elective.

Spent my week between gigs trying to cram in as many visits as possible with family, friends, fine dining establishments, and watering holes. More often seeing many people for too few minutes. Soaking up cuddles and Champagne wherever I could. Though I am looking forward to this next experience I am tired from living out of two very heavy suitcases and sleeping in a different spare room every night. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that all my friends are grown ups now and actually have spare rooms...)

Two weeks of elective, a week of limbo in Ontario, lunch with my CBC BFF* and then it is back to Ireland for the last round of doctor school. The major downside to my relocation is no internet or mobile phone at my billet...I repeat no internet or mobile phone at my billet. 

It is going to feel a lot like when I was in Asia, circa 1999...walking the streets hoping to find an internet cafe that doesn't smell like body odor. In other words, I am apologizing in advance for not replying to emails, sending tweets, blog posting, or being on skype. I am sure I'll have plenty of time to catch up as I doddle around Ottawa for a week waiting to fly back to Ireland on the 27th.
Enjoy the sun (but not too much).

Yours in interweb withdrawal...


*My designation, not his.