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Recently we implemented the rel=”me”, rel=”author” and rel=”publisher” for LITFL and wrote about it at Google Author (Iliad version) and more simplistically at Google Author (Idiots guide)

There are myriad reasons why medical authors are encouraged to implement Google Authorship on their websites and blogs. One such reason is the ability to review author statistics within Google Webmaster tools (because you don’t get enough of that at work, right?)

To see your author statistics:

  • Go to and login with same username used for your G+ Profile.
  • On the left hand panel, open the ‘Labs’ section to reveal ‘Author Stats’
  • Author stats will show you analytics for the pages for which you are the verified author

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EMRAP Presents- A Medical Cannabis Interview

What’s new & shakin in pediatric epilepsy?!? How about the controversial use of medical cannabis in kids with seizures?!? Beyond CNN’s Sanjay Gupta’s “WEED” segments, here is an up close and personal interview with Dr.Tom Minahan. Emergency Physician, Residency Director, father of 4. His ten year old daughter Mallory, has intractable epilepsy and has failed the laundry list of prescriptions currently on the market. Listen as Tom shares with EMRAP contributor Dr. Mizuho Spangler his personal struggle and journey into reluctantly discovering medical cannabis for his daughter’s treatment. Check out and see his new mission to change federal legislation to allow for much needed medical research. If you see kids with epilepsy in your practice, this is a MUST SEE segment for you to understand what desperate parents nationwide might NOT be telling you as they search for treatment in uncharted territory.

EMRAP_Cannabis Research Interview 2014

The occasional intubator needs a plan. I got one! Do You?

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want you

Following some discussion on who owns the airway (see the comments at the post Paralytic is the answer on EMPills Blog)

Have to admit: I’m an occasional intubator.

I manage something like 10 airways per month, all of them are “non conventional”, (no operating room, no chance to wake the patient, no chance to call an expert), and usually I have no time to evalute any of common indicators to predict difficult airway (time is often a rare issue in ground or air prehospital scenarios).

Half of the airway I manage are CRASH, half needs an RSI, so, shame on me, I’m also an occasional “paralytic agents user”.

So I desperatley need a plan

But lissen, I got one!

Dear collegue, wathever intubator you are, occasional or regular,  feel free to submit any comment on the plan and also fell free, if you think it’s useful, to use and…

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