Uluslararası Paramedik Kongresi

Özellikle hastane öncesi Acil Sağlık hizmetlerinde önemli payları olan paramedik arkadaşlarımızın kongre duyurusunu sizlere iletiyoruz. Tüm acil çalışanlarının emeğine saygı duyduğumuzu ve elimizden geldiğince destek olacağımızı hatırlatmak isteriz. acilci.net ekibi  Paramedik Derneği 2002 yılında kurulmuş olup, mesleki ilerlemenin bilimsel çalışmalarla sağlam temeller üzerinde gerçekleşebileceği düşüncesiyle, kurulduğu yıldan bu yana 5 sempozyum, 1 kongre, 4 çalıştay ve ...

Listen to Patients first

Hello everybody, my dear friends:

Recently I published in this blog the post Transforming Healtcare Through the Power of Listening , to inform you that from 30 to 31 October is going to celebrate the European Listening and Health Conference (ELAHC) in Nijmegen (The Netherlands).

I thought that inscription fee were too expensive from someone from Spain, so I applied a discount. Yesterday, Corine Jansen sent me an email to inform us that IC-HU Project friends will pay 242 euros/day (484 instead of 750 euros that really costs). You only need to say in which Spanish Hospital you are working and that you met the Conference through IC-HU Project. 

The nearest flight arrives to Eindhoven (70 km) and by Ryanair costs around 60-70 euros. You can visit the following links for a cheap accomodation: 


There will be patients sharing their stories, healthworkers talking about the power of Listening, musicians from everywhere,  the Ear Award in Healthcare in The Netherlands and people from Germany, Japan, Sweden, India, United Kindom, The Netherlands, The United States of America... 

Come on Spanish people!. This is the program.

Finally, I want to share two documents more about this item:

- An article from British Medical Journal: Listen to Patients first. In this article, the author talks about how the Radboud Medical Centre has improved the strategy on security and quality thanks to take the innovative initiative of involving patients in making decisions, which has made them a benchmark of satisfaction and an example of empowerment.

- And the awesome Flipboard magazine Transforming Heathcare through the Power of ListeningJust visit it!

As we always defend from IC-HU Project, training is essential for humanizing Medicine, and we will inform you of all the initiatives that could serve us in this sense.

Happy Tuesday,

EKG Practice

By Ray Fowler, MD
Professor of EM / EMS
UTSW / Parkland

Edited by Alex Koyfman, MD

45 male with intense epigastric pain radiating to his left arm with associated NV and diaphoresis.


55 female with crushing anterior chest pain and diaphoresis.



A sinus tachycardia is present in this 54 year old man with severe chest pain radiating to the left arm.


This is a narrow complex tachycardia in a 31 year-old female that is perfectly clock regular. There is no obvious atrial activity seen. The QRS is narrow.

This 65 year-old woman presents with lightheadedness and worsening dyspnea on exertion.

This 81 year old man had a syncopal episode. He presents a little confused, GCS 14 (lies with his eyes closed), and is “not right” per his wife. His BP is 110/76, and he has the cardiogram below.


This is an odd 12 lead ECG to have done in this 54 year old man. The rate is profoundly slow, in the 20’s or so. The rhythm is regular. There is no evident atrial activity. The QRS is very widened.

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