Jellybean 92 with Sethy Ung & The Angkor Hospital for Children

Let’s talk about Cambodia. Let’s talk to a Cambodian man born in Australia as a result of war. Let’s talk about what one asylum seeking family has given back to both countries. Sometimes curiosity can take you on an expected journey. Sometimes a mixture of fortune and fate (if such things truly exist) throw opportunities at your feet, though you […]

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Managing Opioid Withdrawal- Core Content

In this podcast we discuss the manifestations of opioid withdrawal and how to effectively provide symptom relief for these patients, both with non-opioid and opioid-based regimens.



Core Content  








Show Notes


Review Questions

  1. Briefly describe the pathophysiology of opioid abuse. From there explain the manifestations of opioid withdrawal.
  2. What is often considered the backbone medication in opioid withdrawal therapy? How is this medication dosed?
  3. Name three classes of adjuvant non-narcotic based therapies for opioid withdrawal. Try to name one medication in this class that can be used.
  4. Name as many of the opioid-based withdrawal treatment regimens as you can (we discussed three).

(answers in show notes)


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