TechTool Thursday 067 MedShr

TechTool review – MedShr by MedShr Ltd on Android and iOS…and website

MedShr is a private social network for doctors. It aims to allow the sharing of interesting patients including photos/videos. Members can discuss their cases and ask for suggestions from others. It aims to help improve clinical practice and facilitate learning and the sharing of patient data in a secure environment.

The website gives no information about who runs MedShr (a bug bear of mine) but I know from speaking to them that it was created initially by a Cardiologist in the UK. I think they have brought in other UK clinicians to help edit/stimulate discussion on a range of specialties.

Website: – iTunesGoogle Play – Website


Once you verify that you are a healthcare professional, you can log into your account

  • Users can select their area of interest and view discussions/cases in their own specialty
  • Posts that interest you can be saved for later
  • You can follow/connect with specific users and be notified of their future posts
  • Patients can consent on the app to their images being used
  • Images can be de-identified in the app itself

I browsed the paediatric section. There was a good selection of images/cases across a range of specialty with some discussion underneath each photo.

User Interface

MedShr iphone1

MedShr iphone2

MedShr android 1

MedShr android 2

Clinical Content

The app contains general information about regional anaesthesia, including toxicity and troubleshooting.

Then you can select essentially any type of regional block and read about how to do it. Each block is split into a text-based section explaining the technique and describing the process in details; and then there is an images section, which shows fabulous photos of landmarks, and someone actually doing the procedure in practice.

How much does it cost?

  • FREE

Room for improvement

  • Add an About Us section to the website so it’s transparent who’s behind MedShr
  • The photos/cases are currently just posted in chronological order – this only works when there is a small number of cases, but as the site grows it will likely need some sub-categorisation
  • The search function doesn’t work too well at the moment – in the paediatric section there were many pictures of impetigo, but when I actually search ‘impetigo’, none of them came up

What’s the overall verdict?

  • It is clear that doctors benefit from sharing cases and photos and discussing them confidentially with their colleagues.
  • MedShr seems to facilitate that well.
  • Setting up a new social network is no easy task, so hopefully they can keep the momentum going by building up their community and having regular and active discussions


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