Emergency medicine and the military

Janos P Baombe (EMJ associate editor) meets with Sir Keith Porter (professor in Clinical Traumatology at the University of Birmingham). They discuss the place of evidence based medicine in military care, lessons for civilian emergency medicine, the concepts of right turn resuscitation, damage control surgery, and consultant-delivered care in military emergency medicine.

Clinical decision rules: a meeting with Professor Ian Stiell

Dan Horner, a research fellow from Manchester, talks to the person behind the Ottawa ankle, knee and Canadian c-spine rules. Ian Stiell is a professor of Emergency Medicine, clinical epidemiologist and chair of Emergency Research at the University of Ottawa.

They discuss implementation of decision rules in emergency medicine, current projects in Ottawa, the benefits of aggressive emergency department management of atrial fibrillation, and the unpublished findings from the recent Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium investigators about compression depth in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The College of Emergency Medicine

In this fifth episode of our podcast series Janos P Baombe (EMJ associate editor) meets with John Heyworth, immediate past president of the College of Emergency Medicine (CEM).

They discuss the issues around consultant-delivered clinical care, the acquisition of a new HQ, the bid for royal appellation and the issues faced by the specialty.