EDE 3 Journal Club: Shoulder #POCUS for dislocations

We just held the 2nd iteration of the EDE 3 Journal Club led by Dr Tom Jelic from Winnipeg. Yesterday, Tom presented the results of a study by Dr Can Akyol from Turkey. He and his colleagues looked at the use of POCUS for shoulder dislocation. Click here for the pubmed link. Click the video to listen to/watch Tom’s presentation.

EM Nerd-The Case of the Shadowy Spector

The shadow of the long-term sequelae of submassive pulmonary emboli has stalked the hearts and minds of Emergency Physicians. The use of thrombolytics to prevent these ramification has previously been supported primarily with surrogate data, physiological reasoning and communal anecdotal experience. Thrombolytics for submassive pulmonary emboli have failed to demonstrate an improvement in short-term mortality […]

EMCrit by Rory Spiegel.