IR in trauma

IR-image_2James Harding, Consultant at UHCW in Interventional Radiology, gives an overview of his talk from the Trauma Care Conference in Telford on Interventional Radiology (IR) in Trauma.

His talk covered the basics regarding where IR should sit in the management of trauma patients’ care, some examples of what can be achieved with IR in trauma and some guidance on effective co-working.

The Royal College of Radiology guideline referred to in this podcast can be found here.

Enjoy the podcast!

Snapshot Case: What Happened?

Snapshot cases are tracings where we do not have good patient follow-up—or sometimes even clinical information—but still feel there are points worth discussing.


This is a patient who required emergent cardioversion for unstable rapid atrial fibrillation.

01 - Rob McDonald

What happened?


Tracing shared by Rob McDonald, and emergency department nurse in Queensland, Australia.