Toshiba Medical Releasing New Vantage Titan / Zen Edition 1.5T MRI Scanner

Toshiba Medical, now part of Canon Group, is releasing a new 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner with features that benefit both patient comfort and how efficiently exams are conducted.

The Vantage Titan / Zen Edition 1.5T, as its name implies, offers a considerably quieter experience in certain scanning modes thanks to the firm’s Pianissimo technology. This can result in up to a 99% reduction in how loud the system is compared to many existing MRI scanners. There are also options to use MR Theater, a system that relies on a display wall behind the scanner and a mirror for patients to have something to look at during exams.

There are also advantages such as fast workflows and option presets that help to optimize scanning while speeding up how long patients spend in the scanning room.

Some of the other advantages of the Vantage Titan / Zen Edition 1.5T according to Toshiba:

  • Multi-echo T2* Mapping takes cardiac workfl­ow one step further. T2 maps with Toshiba Medical’s updated FFE2D mEcho sequence can be used in quantification and analysis of myocardial iron overload.
  • T1 mapping that utilizes Modified Look Locker Inversion (MOLLI) sequence allows providers to acquire a more quantitative characterization of myocardial tissue within a single breath hold.
  • Phase Sensitive Inversion Recovery (PSIR) in the heart provides improved contrast in late-enhanced imaging and eliminates the need for calibration, allowing cardiac exams to be completed with fewer breath holds and greater patient comfort.
  • Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE) captures images in tissues that generally disappear too quickly for accurate MR imaging, enabling imaging of anatomy such as the MSK and lungs to help providers obtain more information to diagnose and treat their patients.
  • Automatic slice alignment for difficult procedures like cardiac, neuro and spine exams with EasyTech, which standardizes workflow with automatic positioning while delivering consistent image quality.

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EaseCentral Raises $6.5M and Launches Two Offerings for Health Insurance: Interview with CEO David Reid

EaseCentral, a cloud-based benefits enrollment software platform built for small and medium insurance brokers and employers, has announced a $6.5 million Series A round of funding led by Propel Ventures and involving current investors Freestyle Capital, Compound, Upside Partnership, and Transmedia Capital. Along with the raise is the announcement of EaseCentral’s two new health insurance broker offerings.

The first is a free, employee-facing iOS mobile application that facilitates access to insurance cards, health plan information, and paid time off days along with paperwork documentation like W9 forms. The second is an integration with ADP to allow easy payroll setup, syncing between benefits and payroll systems, and automatic updates to deductions based on an employee’s open enrollment decisions.

Commenting on the announcement, David Reid, EaseCentral’s CEO stated, “Our mission is disseminating the very best technology to brokers via the most user-friendly platform.” Medgadget had a chance to ask David a few follow-up questions regarding EaseCentral’s latest health insurance offerings.


Medgadget, Mike Batista: What was EaseCentral’s motivation behind offering a mobile app?

David Reid: Over one third of the workforce is made up of millennials and mobile devices are their preferred method for accessing the internet.  This is a quickly growing segment of the population and will soon represent the majority.


Medgadget: Both of EaseCentral’s new offerings (ADP integration + mobile app) are specifically identified for health insurance brokers. How do these offerings specifically benefit the health insurers and their customers?

Reid: While our primary customer is the insurance broker, we provide solutions that enable them to better serve their customers.

  • For employers:  Our ADP integration will primarily benefit Group Administrators by streamlining Benefits Administration and Payroll. Among other things, this integration will eliminate duplicate data entry. From our new mobile app, employees can easily request time off which allows Group Administrators to manage common, relevant needs, such as accruals.
  • For employees:  Our mobile application allows individuals to have the essential benefit information (i.e. ID Cards) instantly available, in the palm of their hands, 24/7.  Additionally, using our new app, employees can access their company directory or request time off while on-the-go.


Medgadget: What can we look forward to next from EaseCentral?

Reid: EaseCentral will release new tools that enable the consumer, including provider-search tools and cost-transparency tools which will allow employees to see exactly how much a service is going to cost before heading to the doctor’s office, based on their health plan and provider network.

We will also be launching more solutions that connect employer enrollment data directly to providers to improve the speed and accuracy of transactions. Today, we are in an “instant” world and EaseCentral is committed to bringing technology to an industry that has long lagged behind.

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